Saturday, September 26, 2009


So our closing goes off without a hitch. Until . . . we start talking about how everyone is lined up to start digging and tearing off on Monday. Oh wait . . . another hitch. You know how when you buy stamping supplies, spices or jewelry at a home party and you read the fine print and you have 3 days to cancel your order no questions asked - the rescission period. I guess we have that too. We don't want that - we have everything ready to go and pretty much did in June, but now we have to wait until Thursday or Friday just on the off chance that we change our minds this weekend. We are not going to change our minds! Our poor contractor has been put through the wringer on this one. Call all the subs and put them all off for three of four more days and hope that they are available. But hey we have the $$$ now.

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