Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before Photos Kitchen and Exterior

To the left is our kitchen. The biggest reason why we are remodeling. There is no room for anything fabulous to happen here. We manage and this is definitely a first world problem, but we cannot wait to have a kitchen where more than one person can fit in it at a time!

This is our main entry to our house from which we dump directly into the kitchen. This will soon be our mud room and laundry area.

This is the South elevation of our house. The current windows are Maren's bedroom and our bedroom.

The front and back of the house will change dramatically. The entire roof will be removed, elevated and replaced with a new roofline so it will not look like a remodel, but a new house.

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  1. Not only are you going to love blogging, but you are also going to be REALLY REALLY good at it!!! We will all feel like we are right there with you :-)