Monday, September 21, 2009

Interior Photos

This is our current "master bedroom." When the project is done Maren will be moving in here. The window that you see will be gone and she will enjoy the hers and hers closets to your left. She will enjoy two new windows that will be featured later on your tour.
This bathroom was recently re-done by my very own handy husband. Thank you to the squirrel or chipmunk who decided to chew through the floorboard. I will repay you with lots of nuts later in your life!
Here you see our not so spacious entryway that seems to scream "GO AWAY!" I can't wait to show you the view in a few months. We will soon be able to greet you and hang up your coat.
This is our front room, which will soon be our dedicated music room. It is quite a nice room especially when my very own handy man is tickling the ivories!
An now, for the best feature of the house as it currently stands, the built in Easy Bake oven. It is what all young women with a minor in Home Economics dream of cooking and baking with at age 38. Not only can you not cook a turkey in it, you cannot fit a full size cookie sheet in it. Now this ladies and gentlemen is what we call "Living the Suburban Dream." Any takers before it gets replaced?


  1. Any oven that will not take a full size cookie sheet is my arch nemesis and should be brought down. LOL.

  2. Ooooh! What kind of new appliances will you get?? I would love to redo my kitchen!