Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Interior Shots

These shots are of our 3rd bedroom turned TV watching area. The new family room should prove to be more open and will hopefully contain fewer doors. This area will become part entry way, part lesson waiting area and part hidden away desk/computer area.
This is the second shot of the current master. The window will multiply and become two and Maren will be happy getting a room that will be more "tween friendly" than the one below.

As cute as collecting pigs is when you are 4- 10 years old. Maren has turned it into an art form like no other. Just about every square inch of this room is covered in pink or pigs. Grandma Bonnie spent a lot of time making the pig curtains and bedding, along with the matching pajamas, but it will soon be time for Maren to move on. The bunk beds will be looking for a new home and our guests will have a lovely queen guest suite in which to stay. We can't wait to see you in February.

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