Sunday, October 4, 2009

Laundry all weekend!

This is where I did laundry all weekend. In about 4 months I will be doing laundry in our main floor laundry room with our new front-loading washer and dryer! No matter where it is done having all the laundry in the house clean, folded and put away feels wonderful. For some reason . . . I am a bit more excited to be doing it upstairs in a new laundry room!


  1. I am one of those odd people who actually really enjoy doing laundry ... I had a friend once who liked cleaning so she & I would trade services once each week. But having a new, fresh laundry room where you feel like you are part of the house and not stuck in a dungeon - you are right, that makes it SO much better!

  2. I like doing laundry too, but will LOVE it in my new laundry room!

  3. AHHHHHH....nothing better than the smell of clean laundry!! Looks like y'all are having some home makeover fun!!

    Things are going well here. The kids have been in school since August 3rd. They have really gotten into the new school and are making friends. Beau is on a soccer team and he is loving it. Next will be basketball. We told Zoe she had to do a sport and we offered her either basketball (which she is really good at) or cheerleading. We were sure she would pick b-ball....she picked cheerleading!

    Looking forward to following your progress.
    We have a pool being installed in our back yard...we will be expecting visitors next year! :0)

  4. I must be missing a mommy screw or something, I hate laundry. Hate it. Sorting, washing, folding, ironing, putting it away. That is the worst, putting it away. Is there a laundry energy drink I can take?

  5. I don't like the laundry thing either and I keep finding laundry room redo posts! LOL But you know part of it is that I think I need to redo my laundry room which is about 6 feet x 3 feet and Im not kidding - and has the HVAC and hot water heater and washer and dryer...its impossible in there.

    Wow, Im sorry, you didnt need to hear all that did you? Just wanted to say hi, really :)