Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doesn't look too exciting, but progress is progress.

The main plumbing stack happens to be located in Katie's closet. The only carpet in the entire house happens to be the brand new carpet in the basement covering the floor in Katie's closet. Hmmm . . . not anymore. The plumbing stack has to be revealed so that all the new plumbing can be put into the new addition and set in the floor of the new basement before the floor is poured. The cat is intrigued. Katie is inconvenienced. All of the openings around the new foundation and basement have been backfilled and the egress windows have been set in place. They chose to insulate and waterproof on the outside of the new walls!
The drain tile has been installed and some of the pipes have been set and are ready to be tied into the current stack. Now we just need a new basement floor! If we could get everyone to show up on the sunny days, or even just the dry days, I think that we will see some real progress this week!

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  1. And a good time was had by all!! It has been so rainy here that progress on the pool has slowed to a crawl. We do have a lovely red mud pit though!