Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Dig

These photos posted backwards, but this is both day one and day two of our dig. I can't believe the amount of dirt that needs to come out of our yard. Thank goodness, our excavator was able to find someone who needed to fill in a pool nearby, because holy cow that is a whole lotta dirt that needs to be moved. I'm starting to understand the toddler and pre-school boy fascination with diggers. They really are fun to watch.
Katie and I will not be looking into careers as excavators, but we do make the digger look better.


  1. Oooh, can I come over and sit in it, too? I have always dreamed of operating an excavator!

    It's REAL now!

  2. FUNSVILLE!! And you definitly make the digger look MUCH cuter!!

  3. As I read this, my preschool and toddler boy were saying " A DIGGER MOM!!" Sa-weet. Glad they finally started.

  4. Sarah, you have got to bring them over when you feel better. It is just sitting there in the huge pile of dirt!